Products are shown with fabric for display purposes only. The base material of all fabric covered products is black ABS plastic. Clic about Door Pulls- a must have for any Panel with an Armrest.


  1932 1930-34

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'32 headliner has the wiper cover built-in, perfect for gauges.

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All '30-'34 headliners are designed to fit stock or chopped coupes. can easily be adapted to fit most fiberglass bodies. This is the curved, and radiused model that many Rodders have been asking for. Save hundreds of dollars over the cost of a custom one off headliner.

untrimmed, with Qtr panels-for 3 or 5 Widows Coupes RD3710 $399
untrimmed, with Qtr panels RD3711 $399
Trimmed, with Qtr panels-for" new age" fiberglass Body- 5 Widow Coupe RD3702 $425.00



Clean up that Trunk!

Anyone who has tried to “clean up” a trunk area with covered panels, and trunk lid covers will tell you that it will take much more time than you ever thought possible.  It just does.  And now RodDoors has released a complete trunk package for 28-34 Ford Coupes.  The package includes side panels, a behind the seat panel and the item you’ll want most, a deck or trunk lid cover. It'll take only 3 hours to install or 5 hours if you have a buddy help.

Upper left photo shows optional 10" Speaker Pod, Fire Extinguisher, and Beer Tap. Photo above shows Back Plate where we used Speaker Templates to mark for hidden speakers. Photo above left shows Deck Lid Cover installed.

Universal '28-34 -Trunk kit-Some Trimming required rD3708
'28-29 Ford Model A coupe- designed for original steel Deck lid RD3800
'30-31 Ford Model a Coupe-Designed for Original Steel Deck lid RD3801
'32 ford Coupe- designed to fit original Steel DeckLid RD3802
'33-34 Ford Coupe- Designed to fit Original Steel Deck Lid rD3803



Steering Column Cover

Kit Includes: Column Cover with two galvanized brackets, Duallock Tape and a Carbuncle
Length: 32 inches Depth: 9 inches
Diameter: Tapers from 2-3/4" to 4" to fit the various column drops.

Another fast, easy and clean way to hide wires along steering columns. When asked about what to do with the steering column we suggest a column cover. We even include a "carbuncle" in the kit for covering the high/low beam control for late model GM columns. We think that this is so much better than a dusty piece of tacked up carpet any day.

Note: If you've spent the big bucks for a chrome column this kit is not for you.

RD2004 $89